Suspension system shall include Advanced #1 aluminum alloy track incorporating soffit trim and seal retainers. Track brackets interlock top flange and attach to structure with pairs of 1/2 inch diameter steel hanger rods. Approximate weight of track assembly is 7.5#/Lin. Ft.

Track shall have minimum 5 inch-to-the-fourth moment of inertia. Provide test report from nationally recognized independent laboratory showing rack/trolley/bracket/hanger rod assembly sustains a load of 6,000 pounds at mid point of 36 inch simple span without damage.

Trolleys to have four all-steel wheels 1 5/16 inch diameter with ball bearing and thrust type roller bearings, shielded and pre-lubricated. Wheels to be independently replaceable. Pendant bolt to be 3/4 inch diameter and attach to panel through a steel plate mounted internally within panel frame. Individual trolley capacity is 800 pounds.