Airwall HangersTITAN Airwall Hangers™ are load tested and certified rigging hardware custom designed and engineered to suspend equipment from operable air wall track systems.

Manufactured in the U.S.A., these U.S. Patent (7958684) products are specifically designed for use by professional riggers, audio/visual companies, lighting professionals and other competent persons to safely and efficiently suspend equipment from operable wall track systems without the risk of damage to your facility, equipment or injury to personnel.


Only professionals trained in the overhead suspension of equipment should use this product. Protect the health and safety of yourself, your co-workers and your customers as well as safeguarding your organization’s liability by only hiring competent personnel and using certified hardware for all your rigging needs. To find professionals in your area look at the membership directories of these fine organizations:


This method applies to “PADDLE TYPE” hangers.

This method applies to “NON-PADDLE TYPE” hangers.


  • ALWAYS visually inspect all TITAN Airwall Hangers™ prior to each use.
  • NEVER exceed the WLL (Working Load Limit) of any TITAN Airwall Hanger™.
  • NEVER exceed the WLL or UDL (Uniform Distributed Load) limit of any rigging component or device attached to TITAN Airwall Hangers.
  • NEVER exceed the WLL or UDL limit for the operable wall track. Always check manufacturer specified load ratings. For multiple point loads, always check with your rigging professional first.
  • NEVER exceed the WLL or UDL limit of the structure supporting the track and load.
  • NEVER use TITAN Airwall Hangers™ to lift or support people.
  • NEVER use TITAN Airwall Hangers™ for lateral or side loads.
  • Hangers should only be used for downward vertical loads.
  • NEVER alter or modify TITAN Airwall Hangers™ in any way.
  • Protect TITAN Airwall Hangers from abrasions and impacts.
  • Dragging, dropping, sliding or transporting loose hangers with other parts or products can cause damage to the TITAN Airwall Hangers™ and may impact their design load capacities.
  • Immediately remove from service any TITAN Airwall Hanger™ that is damaged or has been used in such a manner that its WLL has been exceeded.
  • Failure to comply with these warnings may result in severe personal injury or death.